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Inhofe Statement on Afghanistan Agreement

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee,
today issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s announcement
of an agreement with representatives of the Taliban and joint declaration with
the government of Afghanistan:

commend President Trump and his administration for this weekend’s historic
steps towards peace in Afghanistan. These diplomatic efforts have the potential
to end America’s longest war, in which over 2,400 American service men and
women have lost their lives, and reflect progress in realizing the President’s
South Asia Strategy. I look forward to consulting with the administration on
ways to bolster the intra-Afghan negotiations that soon must follow and
receiving a full briefing from Secretary Esper. We should never trust the
Taliban, who harbored the al Qaeda terrorists that killed nearly 3,000
Americans on September 11. Our continued military presence in Afghanistan will
enable us to monitor the Taliban’s adherence to its commitments while providing
us the opportunity to determine if Taliban actions match their obligations to
ensuring a lasting peace. Should the Taliban fail or prove unable to fulfill
their responsibilities, a limited military presence will also guarantee we
retain the ability to counter the terrorists who would otherwise strike us and
our partners again.”

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